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Quotes from Criminal Minds – season 4

Rossi: You have to try to write this bad
Reid: I think he did, he tried very hard to put each word, each letter even in the right order.
Rossi: So it’s a code
Reid: This steganographic method would allow him to write letters that don’t appear in cipher. The real message would be hiding in plain sight.
Rossi: What do you need to crack it?
Reid: The ability to clone myself and a year’s supply of Adderall.
Rossi: I’ll put on the coffee.
Rossi: How did you crack it?
Reid: I profiled the author. Cortland Ryan was on death row with several high-ranking members of the Aryan Brotherhood.
JJ: He got the code from the Aryans?
Reid: Either that, or he read a lot of sixteenth century literature. The Aryans like to use a cipher based on a four hundred year old code written by Sir Francis Bacon.
Morgan: So it’s a binary code?
Reid: Yeah. Bacon used a twenty-one letter alphabet; this one’s twenty-four. Each letter is assigned a bit string of five binary digits. This combination yields 32 possible encodings. Normally, you’d use a computer to run all these combinations, but it was quicker just to do it longhand until I found the right one.
Prentiss: [pokes Reid’s cheek] He’s so lifelike!
Reid: Thank you, Garcia.
Garcia: You, my fine furry friends, are welcome.
(Off the phone)
Hotch: Remind me to have her drug tested.
JJ: What is this, leftover Kung Pao chicken? That’s disgusting.
Sheriff: [laughs]
JJ: What?
Sheriff: The smell of Chinese food makes you sick, but you don’t even flinch when you look at those pictures.
Reid: She’s pretty tough.
Reid: Když jsem byl malý, všichni měli dinosaury
Morgan: A ty?
Reid: Zápisníky… Moc knih… Mamka mě zahrňovala stovkami básní…
Reid: [in the mental facility] I’ve been seeing things
Diana Reid: Don’t say that here!
Diana Reid: If anyone tries to keep him in here any longer, I’ll scratch your eyes out.
Dr. Norman: One night only.
Diana Reid: It helps if they think you’re crazy. They don’t argue.
Reid: I hold doctorates in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Engineering, as well as BAs in Psychology and Sociology.
[Long Silence]
Audience Member: How old are you?
Reid: Uh, 27, yeah, as of last month, 27…I’m also completing an additional BA in philosophy. Which, reminds me that I have a joke. How many existentialists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Rossi: (Mouths) Don’t…
Reid: [delighting in his own joke] Two. One to change the light bulb, and one to observe how it symbolizes in incandescent beacon of subjectivity in a Nether World of cosmic nothingness [laughs] Um, an existentialist-
Rossi: OK! Before he does his quantum physics knock-knock joke
Reid: I never have any normal fans. (ten jeho je vysoko intelektuálny vrah)
Morgan: So, how’s it going?
Reid: Not good, I gave the profile to one woman, she asked if I was the unsub. How are you doin’?
Morgan: Well, I gave out all my fliers.
Reid: How many phone numbers did you get?
Morgan: NONE. I’m workin a case here, kid. Okay, four were offered, but I didn’t take any of ‘em. Alright look, lemme school you real quick. What you have to do with these ladies is take control of the conversation. When you’re talking, what makes you feel like an expert?
Reid: Uh, statistics!
Morgan: No, trust me, no. Somethin else.
Sheriff: Where did you get this kid Dr. Reid?
Rossi: He was left in a basket on the steps of the FBI.
Garcia: Reid, we need a DOB (date of birth) on Prentiss!
Reid: 7:12 AM, October 12th, 19…
Prentiss: Hey!
JJ: I once dated a guy who washed his car more then he washed his hair.
Rossi: A nice car needs love.
JJ: And a woman doesn´t?
Rossi: Uh… I´m not qualified to answer that.
Hotch:Sometimes there are no words. No clever quotes to neatly sum up what happened that day. Sometimes,the day just… ends.

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